Grand Master Bermas Kim

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Grand Master Kim has studied Hapkido for more than forty seven years and has attained the ranking of 9th Dan, Black Belt. Making him the highest ranked Hapkido Master teaching in Australia. His Hapkido title is Joon-Bom-Nim, meaning “Correct, straight teacher.”

He has instructed the military, worked as a bodyguard to South Korean V.I.Ps and judged at International Hapkido Competitions.

Grand Master Kim is highly proficient with small arms and many traditional weapons including cane, staff, fan and sword.

Gold Coast Hapkido:

World Hapkido Group:

Founder – Hapkido International Association(HIA)

Founder – World Hapkido Group

President – Oceania Moo Moo Kwan Association Australia


2004 – 9th Dan Black Belt, awarded by International Hapkido Federation

2005 – Grand Master of Hapkido,awarded by Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido Association


1979-1981 – Instructor at Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido School, Seoul

1980-1981 – Martial Arts Instructor to units of U.S Army Air Force

1982-1984 – Martial Arts Instructor to South Korean Marine Special Forces.

1985-1987 – Korean National Hapkido Demonstration Team 1st Member.

1987-1988 – Bodyguard to Mr Kim Young Sam, President of South Korea

1988-1990 – Script Writer and stunt coordinator for KBS Television, Seoul.

1990 – Captain of Korean Hapkido Demonstration Team for tour of Canada.

1991 –Captain of Korean Hapkido Demonstration Team for tour of the U.S.A.

1991 – Established The Tasmanian Hapkido Academy in Australia.

1994 (June) – Judged at the World Hapkido Championships in Seoul, South Korea.

1991 to 2000 – Chief Instructor, Tasmanian Hapkido Academy in Launceston, Devonport, St. Helens & Scottsdale.

2000 (January) – Founded Hapkido International (Association), encompassing schools in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Korea

2004 (January) – Led HIA Demonstration Team on 1st place winning tour to Hapkido Comp in South Korea

2005 (August) – Led HIA Demonstration Team on tour of South Korea. Won 1st place in Dongdaemungu Hapkido Championship.

2006 (July) – Hosted first International Hapkido Competiton ever held in Australia. The HIA Hapkido World Championship, Gold Coast Queensland, 28 July 2006.

2008 (June) – Led HIA Demonstration Team to compete at the HIA Hapkido World Championship in Seoul, Korea. Won 1st Place.

2012 (April) – Hosted Australian National Championships in Brisbane, Queensland

2013 (May) – Established Korean Martial Art Hapkido Group

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Picture of Grand Master Bermas Kim saluting
Image of Grand Master Bermas Kim with out stretched arms.

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