Grand Master Millwood

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Grand Master Stephen Millwood is Chief Master and President of the Australian Branch of World Hapkido Group, founded by his teacher: Senior Grand Master Bermas Kim. This title was presented to him in Seoul South Korea, in September 2014.

He is a founding member of World Hapkido Group - Australia (formerly; Hapkido International Association).

In 2014 he led the Hapkido Brisbane to to their 2013 World Hapkido Championships win in Seoul South Korea

In 2006 he trained with the Korea Police Swat Team

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In July 2013, Grand Master Millwood was a judge at the Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido World Championships in Seoul

Grand Master Millwood has been a student of Grand Master Bermas Kim since 1998. He followed Grand Master Bermas Kim (9th Dan) to Queensland in 2003 from Tasmania.

Grand Master Millwood has a passion for teaching Self Defence and raising the profile of Hapkido in Australia. His interest in Korean Martial Arts now extends to Kumdo (Korean art of sword) and Korean culture. Grand Master Millwood travelled to South Korea in 2013 and 2005 for the Hapkido world championships with successful Australian teams. As an instructor Grand Master Millwood believes that everybody, including high Dan’s, should practice the basics of their art.

With a family of Hapkido black belts, Grand Master Millwood believes that all children should learn basic Self Defence techniques at primary school age.

Grand Master Millwood can be contacted directly on: 0421 633 233

Grand Master Stephen Millwood's Certificate for President of World Hapkido Group
Grand Master Millwood's Certificate for Grand Master Level

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