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$70 per month

$90 for a 10 session card

Discount rates apply when two or more people join from the same family - Call 0421633233 for other options


There is an annual membership fee payable. This covers World Hapkido Group - Australia Membership dues and gives you access to World Hapkido Group Seminars, Competitions and Workshops.


Hapkido Brisbane has grading for Family class and Adults class on alternating months and are designed to build confidence. There are grading fees for each grade so that your grading will be recognised by World Hapkido Group.


When your confident that Hapkido is the right martial art for you you can have a talk to Steve about getting a uniform. Uniforms are sized by height and range from 110cm to 200cm.

Hapkido Brisbane's Grading

Call 0421 633 233 or Contact us via the contact page

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