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In this day and age physical assaults are unfortunately commonplace. When it comes to self defence, there are a myriad of different fighting styles that teach brutally effective techniques; however these powerful strikes can often be way over the top without a lot of focus being put on an appropriate amount of force for a less serious situation.

‘One punch can kill’ is a large Queensland government campaign which aims at reducing the number of assaults on young people at parties and on the streets. Its message is very clear: one punch can kill. This statement can be quite concerning in the event of an attack, as you don’t want to end up on the receiving end of such an attack, nor do you want to be in front of a judge for defending yourself. Whether you’re a teenager, parent, someone’s life partner or even a security guard; how can you be sure you can defend yourself against an attack without having to defend yourself in front of a judge?

Womens Self Defence
Master Millwood showing a student blocking techniques

Simple, you take complete control of an attacker; take away their ability to be a threat without using force that is disproportionate to the attack. This sounds like a simplified answer however it’s exactly what you need to do in order to stay physically safe, without getting on the wrong side of the legal system. This is exactly what Hapkido is about.

Hapkido techniques arm you with the skills you need to defend yourself in any situation. Along with the striking and kicking taught in most martial arts, Hapkido also focuses on the use of pressure points and joint locks to gain complete control of an attacker. One of the first things taught to white belts is the idea of taking back control when someone grabs your wrist, then breaking the grip and striking if necessary to stop the attacker from having another opportunity.

After white belt, we teach gaining control from different types of attacks including punches, grabs from behind, defence against weapons and multiple attackers. With our techniques you always have the option of how much force to use depending on the seriousness of the situation. We don’t teach twenty ways of dealing with an attack and leave it to you to judge which one is correct for the situation; rather our techniques regardless of which one you use, will give you control of the attacker and allow you time to decide if breaking a bone or a firm ‘leave me alone’ is the correct course of action.

As our techniques utilise leverage, basic angles and the idea of using an attackers energy against them, Hapkido is a suitable martial art for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. We train in a friendly environment where safety is the first priority, and we welcome everyone to come along and watch, join in or ask any questions you may have.

Self Defence against a knife

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