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"I have always been interested in martial arts, and after watching a documentary series showcasing a variety of martial arts styles I found Hapkido fascinating. I was drawn to its fluid movements and practical nature. Using pressure points and joint locks students are taught to confidently defend themselves regardless of their age or stature. " ...Melissa

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"Since joining Steve's Hapkido Academy we have become more than just student and teacher, we have become friends. The atmosphere is family oriented with focus on learning with honest and informative instruction. Steve offers extra training in his home and has also introduced a women's self defence course, which runs 3 - 4 times each year. Thanks to Steve's dedication and committment my growth both as a student and as a person has been extraordinary." ...Nathan

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"The whole Hapkido experience is one I can recommend to everyone. I train with both my sons three times a week. This not only gives us a common goal but the chance to spend quality time together and support each other with training." ...Wayne

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"I am a security guard in a busy Brisbane hospital emergency ward. I use Hapkido techniques all the time. The good thing about Hapkido for me is I can use it on someone without looking as if I have attacked them. We have to be careful because there are cameras everywhere. Hapkido definately works for me." ...Scott

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